Corporate Services

Professionally produced videos enhanced through the use of photography, graphics and music, all combined to showcase your business. We create Business Profile Videos, Client Testimonials, and Video Tutorials targeted at exposing your organization to a larger audience. You can also utilize our creative and business expertise in your next web, presentation or marketing project.

Business Profile Videos

Business Profile Videos connect consumers and business partners to your organization by building a sense of familiarity and trust around your products and services. By embracing this new marketing medium, you give the appeal of being on the leading edge of digital technology and set your business apart from your competition.

Our videos are created so they may be integrated into your website or be shared through reproducible DVD media and Social Networks.

Our goal is to create a video that allows you to better connect with your target market and turn potential clients into real clients. This is accomplished with three main objectives in mind:

The first objective is to design content that allows the viewer to understand that you and your staff have both the knowledge and expertise to provide the right product or service to meet their needs.

The second objective is to use appropriate imagery to personalize your business and make the viewer feel like they know you and can trust you.

The third objective is to create a well-produced and engaging showcase of your business that conveys professionalism and that generate further interest in your products and services, thereby compelling viewers to take the next step and get in touch with you.

Client Testimonial Videos

Client Testimonial Videos showcase your best referral source – your current satisfied clients. Positive testimonials reinforce the quality of your products and services, and establish credibility for your business. These videos are often integrated directly into your website or shared through your Social Media Networks.

Our goal is to create a video that allows you to profile your satisfied clients and reassure potential clients that you can deliver outstanding products and services. This is accomplished with three main objectives in mind:

The first objective is to introduce your client to the viewer and concisely summarize the reason they chose to purchase your product or use your services.

The second objective is to establish credibility for your products and services by sharing your client’s experience and demonstrating their satisfaction.

The third objective is to reinforce why an individual or organization should choose to do business with you, as endorsed by your profiled client.


Tutorial & Instructional Videos

Tutorial Videos typically demonstrate how to use a product or teach a new process. They can also help explain company policies and procedures, or illustrate proper techniques critical to your workplace. Some businesses create Tutorial Videos for instructional purposes with the goal to produce a unique piece for retail sale.

These videos can be integrated directly into your website, shared through your Social Media Networks, or replicated in DVD format for retail sale.

Our goal is to create a video that is informative and engaging thereby ensuring your message is conveyed accurately and captures the viewer’s attention. This is accomplished with three main objectives in mind:

The first objective is to ensure the viewer learns about your product, process or technique.

The second objective is to create visually appealing shots, coupled with clean audio and supporting graphics such that the viewer is engaged in your content.

The third objective is to produce a finished piece that can be easily distributed or replicated.

Other Products and Services

Sleepingbeagle Studios has worked with a broad range of businesses to provide professional digital media solutions. We also have a strong network of related professionals that we collaborate with on projects of any size.

Effective Presentations
Creating an effective and engaging presentation is just a phone call away. With our team of creative writers, graphic design specalists and our powerful video tools, we can creative a professional and interactive experience for your audience that they are sure to remember.

Website Design and Development
From design and development to hosting and maintenance, we have experience in all aspects of website creation. We collaborate with award winning experts who make our clients stand out from the competition.

Graphic Design and Corporate Identity Development
Photobooks, logos and specialty design projects are the perfect complement to our array of services, and we do them well. Let's discuss some creative options to help showcase your business and generate some first-class marketing material for your company.

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