Personal Services

Document life’s treasured moments and create a timeless keepsake for family and friends. Our short biographies, wedding, memorial, and milestone tribute videos can range from client-supplied content (photos, video, audio) to newly created content through recorded interviews. 

Wedding Tribute Videos

Pre-Wedding Tribute

Creating small masterpieces for your wedding reception. We love to discover what makes your relationship work.

You may want to chronicle your engagement story, or to set up a surprise dedication to your spouse. Perhaps you are slated to toast the happy couple and have a severe fear of public speaking. Either way, we can help!

We work hard to establish a theme for your tribute that stays true to your personal style. We collect old photos or video to help establish a timeline for your story, and let your musical library set the tone for the background audio. Often, we gather a group of close family and friends and set up a series of personal, intimate interviews to then edit into movie format.

You may decide to wait until your reception to view the final production or you may choose an advanced screening. It’s your choice. In the end, our goal is to entertain your guests and create an irreplaceable memento that reflects your history, personalities and matchless story.

Wedding Highlight Video

Although we do not provide same-day wedding videography, we are happy to combine client-supplied photos, video and audio into a DVD keepsake after the wedding and/or honeymoon.

Milestone Tribute Video

Anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, or a new addition to the family – we can capture a little piece of history through direct interviews, photo montages or a combination of both.

We recognize that in order to stay true to your experiences, there are often good and bad times that contribute to a unique and compelling story. We treat your memories with respect and aim to tell your tale with dignity and charm.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and we can add our imaginative flare to create an engaging profile piece that meets your budget and is suited to your audience.














Memorial Tribute Video

Losing a loved one is never easy. Commemorating someone’s life in a meaningful way is difficult when dealing with all of the other details a memorial may require. We’re here to help.

Timing is important for most memorial videos, but in this digital age we have the ability to gather photos quickly and easily, along with shared memories via email or a secured server. We can set those memories to music and video in a relatively short time to provide you with a keepsake that honours the life lived.

We can also duplicate the footage and create a dedicated jacket cover for the DVD to be shared with family and friends

Short Biography Video

Looking to create a video for an audition or personal promotion? We would love to hear your ideas and welcome the creative challenge of tailoring a profile video just for you!

Contact us today at (780) 700-0937 or send us an email to see how we can help you with your next project!